Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blog Post 15: Entrepreneurship

Choose a focus of either your final project topic or your career plan to develop an entrepreneurial assessment of yourself. This should be about a "1-page" activity. Some of these questions may help guide your thoughts: Do you want to be a "businessperson or an entrepreneur?" What traits and/or strengths do you see in your PDP that aligns with your thought? What weaknesses or opportunities for improvement do you notice that you would like to address to become a "businessperson or an entrepreneur?" Is entrepreneurship just about starting a business? Or is it much deeper and holistic than that? As the world quickly changes, which type of folks do you feel will be more on their "toes" and less on their "heels." Who do you think will achieve and live the happinesses that they seek in life?

Blog Post 14: Implementing a Lean Process

Based on our discussion in class today, implement and document a quality improvement process to the project/situation in which you performed a 5S process. This implementation must be based on the muda listed on the lean manufacturing wiki site. (note: there are several additional more modern types that you could utilize if need be)
For the documentation, list/describe the waste you have identified and explain the process change you have implemented. Either collect some data that demonstrate your improvement, or realistically estimate the effect that your improvement will have on your process

In order to more effectively utilize the 5s process I will now incorporate a lean process to make it even more efficient. I decided to base mine on the muda of Transport. Transport as defined by Wiki includes, "moving products that are not actually required to perform the processing." The process that my desk is used by me for is to work on homework. Before I began my 5s process I was very disorganized as one can see in the picture on blog number 12. My desk was cluttered with all sorts of things including a remote control helicopter. I do not know how that ended up on my work

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blog Post 13: Criteria for Evaluation

Blog Post 12: 5S Process

Post a record of a 5S process that you have completed. Post a before and after picture. Also, post a short narrative of how you addressed each of the "8s's" of the 5S Process. 

The 5S Methodology                 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5S_(methodology)
1. Sorting (Seiri)
I addressed this method by going through my desk drawer and white organizer and placing labels on each of the drawers. I then placed the appropriate items in the correct drawer. The pens and pencils in one drawer, the sticky notes and notepads in another and so on.
2. Straightening or setting in order (Seiton)
I accomplished this task by taking all the old sticky notes off my desk and cabinets. I then took all the information on those old stick notes and put the relevant information onto just 1 sticky note on my computer
3. Sweeping or Shining or cleanliness (Seiso)
For this one I decided to go the extra mile and wipe the surface of my desk with Lysol wipe. I also noticed a dust bunny in the corner of my desk so I took the liberty of dusting my radio and other objects on my desk that needed dusting.
4. Standardizing (Seiketsu)
I will try making my desk look just like it does not just now but for the rest of the school year. One could say that the picture of the desk clean is now the standard for what I have to keep it looking like. There will be no more letting junk accumulate on my desk and then clean it on the weekends or before company comes over.
5. Sustaining the discipline or self-discipline (Shitsuke)
This one kind of goes hand in hand with (Seiketsu). I am going to discipline myself so that I will not have to spend 30 minutes cleaning my desk because of the large amounts of garbage that has piled up over the week. Instead I will clean it as it appears on my desk.

Additional Words
6. Safety 
I got rid of the Mountain Dew can on my desk because failure to do so could end up with it spilling onto my computer. The computer could then spark and burn my whole room down. I decided to not have anymore liquids on my desk just to be on the safe side because I also have the circuit board for my radio on there.
7. Security
It is not shown in the picture, but one of the speakers to my radio is directly above my computer and every time I turn the radio up the speakers begin to vibrate. Usually I notice it right before they fall and just readjust it. However, I decided to secure it with fun tack and duct tape. Now I do not have to worry about the speaker vibrating off the shelf and crashing down on my computer.
8. Satisfaction 
I am happy now that my desk is clean and free of clutter. Feels like a weight has lifted off my chest and now I can focus on work instead of thinking about and trying to interpret what I wrote down on the sticky note the day before.

Blog Post 11: Quality Management

Question: Identify and describe a quality management process that is utilized in your field of interest. Typically this process is in response or guided by a professional organization in that field. Identify that organization.

My field of interest is Physical Therapy and one tool that facilities use as a source of quality management is satisfaction surveys and questionnaires. This method of quality control for Physical Therapy departments is very useful because it allows the therapists to see how they are doing in comparison to the other Physical Therapists in their department. Also surveys like this are sometimes are used to compare the quality of care patients are receiving among different facilities. Sometimes these surveys will be randomly handed out by organizations such as, the Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Survey, to patients that are receiving Physical Therapy treatment. These surveys will have questions on them that pertain to how well the patient was treated and the services that were provided for them.
     Other surveys are used for strictly internal purposes and are designed more for comparing Physical Therapists within a specific department. An example of this document has been created by various organizations, however a more well-known one is the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). The questions on this survey are very similar to the ones that are randomly handed out by external sources. The main point is that these are tools that Physical Therapists use to keep them in check on how well they are doing. They are devices used for quality management.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Blog Post 10: Specific Ethical Question

Ask/address an ethical question in your field of interest.

Here is an ethical question related to the physical therapy field.
Question- Should a physical therapist continue treatment on a terminally ill patient?

Develop/address arguments for each side of the issue, then defend your position on the issue.

Argument against treating patient

Yes they should or no they should not. Lets first start out with reasons why a physical therapist should not continue treatment on a terminally ill patient. The most obvious one is that a patient with a terminal illness has a disease that cannot be cured and will likely end up dying as a result. Physical therapists can only see a limited number of patients in a day because that is all they have time for. Sometimes when people call in and want to schedule an appointment to see a physical therapists they have to wait for weeks in order to see one because of so many bookings. The problem that physical therapists face is should they treat someone that is terminally ill knowing very well that there is other people that need to see a physical therapist that have a better chance with their treatment working on them. Even if the physical therapists treatment works on the terminally ill patient the chances of that patient dying in the next couple of months or sometimes years are very good. Cost is another overriding factor that one needs to take into consideration when analyzing this circumstance. Going to see a physical therapists is not exactly cheap. One should not spend that much money trying to get better by a physical therapist if no signs of improving this patients condition can be seen.

Argument for treating patient

On the other hand they are still patients in need of care. There is no rule or law that says terminally ill patients should not be provided any care by a physical therapists. Every patient that a physical therapist sees has a right to receive care by the therapists. After all they are paying for the same medical treatment as a person that does not have a terminal illness. They should be treated with the same type of care that everyone else gets. A physical therapists should do everything within their powers to rehabilitate every patient that they see. After all just because the doctors diagnosed the patient with a terminal illness does not mean that it is terminal for sure. Doctors are human too and they can give patients a misdiagnosis. Most cancers are considered terminal. Should physical therapists not treat cancer patients? There are many cases where cancer patients go through treatment and put the cancer into remission. The patient could live for another ten or more years with the cancer in remission. Just because a patient has a terminal disease does not mean that they should not get equal treatment.

My personal opinion

I believe that every patient that enters a physical therapy facility should be given a chance to receive treatment from a physical therapists. They are the ones that are paying for the service and should not be turned down just because of a condition that they have. Sometimes even if physical therapy does not seem to be helping the patient physically maybe it is helping them in other ways. Maybe the treatment is affecting the way the patients view life. Treatment provided my physical therapists can give patients hope and the power of hope is greater than some people give it credit. Maybe it gives the patient something to hang on to. Whatever the case if the patient wants treatment then the patient should receive just that.



this activity must include references

each student will then review this beginning on Nov 2.

Evaluation Criteria:

1-4 are evaluated by assigning a strong(S), medium(M) or weak(W)

1. Described field of interest and described question posed.
2. Both sides of argument were presented.
3. Appropriate references were included
4. Defended position is described clearly

5. provide one useful comment

Blog Post 9: Project Title, Issue, and Action Plan

Post your team's project Title, Issue, and Action Plan.